The Ultimate YouTube Vide0 Strategy, Planning & Execution System™ for Effortless Video Creation!

For Coaches, Consultants and Course Creators

One of the things that helped my team and I the most in business, was staying focused on bigger goals and being super organized as it pertained to our Video Content Strategy and Execution! You're probably struggling because you don't know what to say on camera and this is affecting your consistency, revenue, authority, visibility and so much more!

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It's Time to go from "Invisible" to even more "In Demand" with YouTube!

The average coach is still using traditional marketing tactics such as generic Canva graphic posts, standard newsletters, and basic networking to attract the right leads.

The TOP coaches in the industry are utilizing powerful video content as a magnetic marketing tool!

These coaches are strategically creating impactful and engaging videos that authentically resonate with their ideal clients, build influential thought leadership, and establish a strong online presence, which results in visibility that turns into profitability!

What if, you could post one great video per week, and grow your audience, email list, authority, and revenue on autopilot!?!

What are you waiting for? It's time you get started with video, too!

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They've committed to being on camera for their business, you can too!

You know that you should be creating video content for your online business, but you honestly have no clue where you should begin...

You've probably been feeling stuck and overwhelmed when it comes to creating content for social media. Whether it's YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, your Blog, etc.. It just seems like the biggest headache.

So, you've more than likely just told yourself that you're just not good at social media! The other thing might be that you feel a burst of motivation ever so often, and you start creating content only to fall off the wagon soon after.

This cycle is not helping your audience to trust you at all! As a matter of fact, this inconsistency could actually be hurting your growth in the online space.

It's not that you don't want to do better, it's probably actually that you just don't know what to do at all!

But, to your growing audience, you just look like the inconsistent boyfriend who shows up with flowers whenever he might feel like it.

It's time for you to start creating videos without wondering where you should start!

There's no reason for you to sit and wonder what you should be saying to your audience!

Start creating meaningful videos with a purpose! Create with the intent of understanding who you are catering to with your content and giving them exactly what they need!

It's time for even more people to start finding you!

This foolproof method helps you to -

✅ Learn more about what people in your industry are searching for and also helps you to stay up to date with the people that are already creating!

✅ Create content that truly matters to the people that are searching for your solutions!

✅ Start planning with purpose and organization. Start the process with research, and end with promotion and brainstorm new related videos!

✅ Stick to your marketing goals as a business. Make videos that are helpful to you and your new and current subscribers. This tool keeps you on track, ensuring that you are placing specific content inside of your videos and inside of your description box as well!

✅ Create videos with ease. Create without the worry that you are forgetting an important step in the video process! I can't tell you how many times I forgot to test my video and recorded an entire video with no sound! (facepalm).

✅ Understand exactly what you are sharing before you start filming! When you use this tool, it's like refreshing your memory as you create! It also ensures that you are creating from your own perspective and not someone else's! Video is here so that you are able to tell your own story! It's the best way to add authenticity to your brand!!

✅ & So much more! Just wait till you get into it!!

Just Imagine...

  • Knowing exactly what you're going to talk about every time you sit in front of the camera.
  • Being able to easily plan out your videos and other social media content ahead of time.
  • Having endless content that you can repurpose because your video content is the main type of content that you're creating.
  • Creating content that is in alignment with your yearly business, and audience growth goals
  • Building an email list that is in full alignment with the products and services that you are selling.
   Access for ONLY $47.00 Today!!!

Meet XayLi Barclay!

Here's what I was able to accomplish in 3 short years!

  • I grew an intentional and amazing community in the online space!
  • Being known globally as an expert for video content (sales and marketing) and online course creation!
  • I built a six-figure business that I am truly proud of all organically!
  • Creating an online presence and personal brand that precedes me.
  • Scaling my business from working one to one to one to many in a very short time!
  • Being known in the industry as the go-to person on my topic of expertise!
  • Working with multi million-dollar, very well known brands as a preferred Partner and educator!

I did all of this by making sure that video content was at the forefront of my business content strategy! I want to give this same gift and more to you!!

Access The Full Video Planning, Strategy, and Execution System for only $47.00

The knowledge in this course is so valuable I can't even tell. XayLi does an amazing job of breaking down every aspect of video content creation. She even gives you an action plan for your content creation which is so helpful! Great course I really enjoyed it and I'm so excited about implementing all of her juicy tips!

- Carl Basila

You've Probably Been Dreaming of a Business that truly works for you!

This System is perfect for a solopreneur business owner and a business with a team as well!

We all understand what it feels like when you are starting and growing your business on your own! You have to wear so many different hats! You are the creator of the products, executor of all services, creative director, photographer, social media manager, and the face of your brand all at the same damn time!

While this is essential, one thing that you shouldn't be confused about is the type of content that you need to create to grow your audience, and help them to build trust with you to buy from you as well!

The more relevant and relatable content you're able to create, the faster your business is able to grow and scale!

If you've gotten to a place where your business is already soaring and you're building a team or working with your current team, you're able to keep everyone on the same page and aligned with bigger business goals by using this system!

After Purchase, You'll Get Access to-

1). A Full Online course with Examples, and Tutorials - Value $297

Learn how to search for and create focused content so that you are able to appeal to the audience that you truly want to find you!

2). Access to Our Popular Video Pro Planning Workshop - Value $397

Get instant access to a stunningly simple system for creating content that is guaranteed to turn a follower/subscriber into a raving fan, and in turn a loyal customer!

2). Use our strategy for creating impactful content consistently.

Use smart strategy so that you're creating with a purpose! You want to be able to lead your audience to a place where they are able to know, like, and trust you through your video content!

4). A Well Thought Out System to Streamline Your Creative Processes - Value $597

Use a well thought out system, created by someone who creates video content on a consistent basis for marketing and for educating others as well!

"An Invaluable Video Content Resource! I am blown away at the quality of information and professional execution of XayLi Barclay's free video workshop. I cannot wait to dive into her planner. She is an invaluable resource of information for solopreneurs."

- Felecia Ward

"Sometimes I am ahead with my video content but I don't plan properly for marketing my videos. XayLi's steps were so clear that now I know exactly what to do and when to do it so I am always ahead when it comes to planning, filming, and marketing my videos."

- Alanna Anthony


But wait! There's more!

You'll also get access to an additional system that we use internally, to make sure that you're keeping an eye on your overall business goals! Often times, people forget that social media is really a marketing tool! Making sure that the time that you are spending on social is creating a return for your business is truly crucial!

Get Access to the System and then Bonuses when you Sign Up Today!

No more overthinking when it comes to creating content that allows you to be seen and easily found in the online space!

This is the year that you have full clarity on exactly what intentionally growing your business entails! When it comes to having a strategy for building your business audience, you can either rely on paid ads, (which are amazing, but can be really expensive) or using SEO and strategic keywords in your content to put you in front of the right audience.


When you purchase your system, you will get an insider look at our exact workflow!!!


The Concept (7 Moving Parts to Video Success)

You'll be learning the 7 fundamental parts of creating a video machine for your business! You don't want to upload content to any platform without first understanding these foundational steps!


Learn How to Use Notion to keep you organized in your own business.

My team and I use Trello, Notion, and Slack as the tools that keep us organized monthly! Keeping everything organized helps us to keep our eyes on the big picture while making sure that all of the details are completed as well!


Your Bonus Editorial Calendar for all of Your Social Media and Content Marketing

Creating video content makes creating content for your other social media platforms such a breeze! Whether you want to update your email list with your newest video content each week, in between launches and sales, etc. Or you want to repurpose videos for Instagram and IGTV, FB etc. Our bonus board makes sure that you are able to stay organized and share your message with ease!


Bonus Tracking Sheet!

Listen, I am an advocate for knowing your numbers! I remember when I was so afraid to set goals in my own business. As soon as I decided to commit to tracking numbers, I was able to really double down on growth as it pertained to my social media channels, and my email lists, and more as well! I've included our tracking list as a bonus for you!


Bonus Access to our SSG Video Pro Planning and Organization Workshop!

We wanted to add this workshop into the bundle so that you are able to take the time to Learn The 5 Part Video Framework That You Can Use on To Build A Stronger Business Today! Start Building Your Know, Like, Trust Factor to Convert with Video! It's not an option anymore! It's more of a MUST! Also, learn my reusable content repurposing system! I've created a system that works for the creator/business owner who values time, and organization.

It's time for you to actually:

Get access to a full-on real strategy for your business marketing!

Feel confident about the content creation process

Start having your content pre-planned for at least 30-90 days in advance so that you aren't scrambling to try to create content day to day or week to week!

Start using a strategy to help your business grow! You can build a business that you aren't tied down to!

Start creating multiple income streams for your online business with affiliates, brand sponsorships, your own products, and services, etc.

Grow your brand with ease!

Imagine being found by thousands of people while you sleep!

Imagine having an email list that is growing while you work on things that actually move the needle in your business!

Imagine feeling truly confident about what you are sharing with your email list on a consistent basis!

Our system is perfect for helping you to Get Organized, Committed, and See True Results from Your Video Efforts Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

XayLi, I haven't started creating videos just yet, would this be good for me?

This system is perfect for the beginner and for the person who is experienced as well! It's perfect for getting started, and to use and alter as you grow as well! You're able to use this system as a base to grow as you perfect your own content creation, email communication, and recording schedule.

Can I Use this Board with Asana or any other Organization tool?

Yes, you are able to import into Asana, Notion, or any other tool for organization that supports the import of a Trello Board.

How long will I have access to this board?

You have lifetime access to your Trello Board. Be sure to follow directions upon sign up and copy the board for your own use. Detailed instructions are included in the course.

Is There A Refund Policy?

Because of the nature of this sale, no refunds are available. Members who follow along with the program, go through all the materials and actively take part in their learning experience are delighted with the course, and more successful in growing their business.

This will be the year that you commit to changing your life and business?

It's time to get serious about creating a system for your marketing and sales that can serve you for years to come!

Get Instant Access to the System and then Bonuses when you Sign Up Today for Only $47.00!