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Creating the perfect video is like solving a jigsaw puzzle. It can be difficult diving into video editing software if you're unfamiliar. You run a business so you don’t have time to sit and learn a new skill. I have the time, patience, experience,  and creativity to make you something amazing.

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Does This Sound Like You?


▶️ You have products that you need to make videos about.

▶️ You provide a service that you want more people to know about.

▶️ You understand the power of creating content consistently about your business so that you can show up at the authority in your industry.

▶️You are the podcast host or content creator with lots of content but you have no idea how to repurpose content.

▶️ You're too busy putting out fires in your business to learn how to edit videos or even have the time to, but you desire to expand your audience and leads.

▶️ You're frustrated about what editing software you should use to get to get the best results because you rather focus on what you are already good at.

▶️ You lack the creativity to make creative, compelling videos.

▶️ You're tired of trying to do everything yourself.

You run a business; therefore, you need your energy to show up as the authority in your industry.

But to do so, you need to make video content about your products and services with high quality and ease.

That is where I come in!

My name is Rio.

I am a videographer and post-production specialist with over a decade of experience in the field.

Specializing in educational content, vlogging, and repurposing videos for social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

I enjoy my creative freedom when working with clients to help them see what is possible outside of the box. 

I am known for my ability to edit & repurpose from YouTube and/or Podcast and transform it into something that can share on any platform to help you build brand awareness & conversations.

By working with me, you'll experience:

✅ Having more time to provide your customers with a better experience

✅ Your customer will have more clarity about your goods, services, products, and features.

✅ Having time to Interview more podcast guests, therefore, producing more content. (content repurposing is also available).

✅ Have help coming up with a creative direction for your products and services.

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"Rio was fun to work with and super helpful during our shoot. I really appreciated how he went out of his way to make our job easier, and I was inspired by his ideas for B-Roll and coverage. I would highly recommend Rio to my industry friends and peers looking for a dependable and creative collaborator."

- Henry Thong, Documentary Filmmaker, Convert Kit

"I just completed my Editing Intensive with Rio!! WORTH EVERY PENNY!! Rio was a FANTASTIC COACH, attentive to my needs, answered all my questions, & gave PRICELESS editing tips & tricks. This LEVELED UP my editing game. Many thanks to Xayli and her team!’

- Shirley J, Founder of Soul Care

Need Creative Video Content?

No Problem.

I'm a creative at heart. I love coming up with new concepts and seeing the vision come to life. Whether it's shooting videos or working on photography and visual arts projects, I'll bring the stories to life through content. I've worked on video production projects for companies like Thinkific and ConvertKit, and I am always looking for new opportunities to tell engaging stories.

My Process is Straightforward

Because I find there is no reason to make it complicated!


First, we develop an editing strategy that will best represent your channel, podcast, or brand with the best video editing.


I will review your long-form content, edit and curate clips we know will generate results, and post them to all applicable social media accounts.


Now we watch the video content reach the right people and generate real, tangible results.

"With incredible creativity and attention to detail, Rio brings a unique skill set to those seeking video content solutions. Having worked together on numerous projects in which he has worked with me on projects for ConvertKit, Google, & Thinkific. His eye for finer details helps turn ordinary projects into remarkable works of art. Any business looking to stand out through breathtaking video production should definitely hire Rio!"

— XayLi Barclay, Founder of Start Shoot Grow Academy

Investment & Deliverables

I know everyone is starting their business & video marketing from different places. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in the industry for a decade, there’s a plan for your goals.

Each plan is created with the business owner in mind to support you in achieving your goals.

If you're looking for some support outside of the available packages, please send an email to

Video Editing Intensive

If you want to improve your video editing without hiring a part-time or full-time editor, this offer is for you! This 1:1 session allows you to get all your questions answered about how to take your video project to the next level with video editing.

Included Deliverables:

  • A 90-minute call with Rio
  • The ability to ask any & all questions pertaining to your video project
  • A replay of the call
  • An email includes any tips, softwares, equipment, etc

$297 for a limited time!

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Video Repurposing Package

This is for business owners looking for monthly support on repurposing their YouTube or Podcast to be easily shared on Instagram, TikTok, etc.

Included Deliverables:

  • 4-5 90-Second Clips per Video
  • Unlimited Cuts
  • Transitions
  • Royalty-Free Music & Sound Effects
  • On Brand Motion Graphics
  • Relevant B-Roll
  • 2 Free Revisions


The YouTube Package

This is for the business owner looking to take post-production & video editing off their plate so they can focus on other aspects of their business.

Included Deliverables:

  • 4 Videos Per Month
  • 3 90-Second Clips per Video (12 in total)
  • Unlimited Cuts
  • Transitions
  • Royalty-Free Music & Sound Effects
  • On Brand Motion Graphics
  • Relevant B-Roll
  • 2 Free Revisions


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Creative Project

Sponsored Video for XayLi Barclay & Zenni

Vlog for ConvertKit Documentary Marketing

Sample of a YouTube Short

Sample of a YouTube Short

Instagram Reel for XayLi Barclay at the Spark 2022 Conference for ShowIT

Instagram Reel for XayLi Barclay at the Spark 2022 Conference for ShowIT

I opened my first video edit and there was soft background music, there was an overlay video that worked perfectly with the point I was trying to get across, and words that came across the screen to highlight my content…it was magic. That’s when his job with me got harder. I recognized my video needed more visual slides and pop. I got to work on my end and, weeks in, sent him several more slides, asking him: “please, can you put these next 40 slides here and there and sprinkle some more words around.” With graciousness, Rio, was patient with me. This was my first time working on a project like this and I had no idea what I was doing. In his magical land of editing, he made me look like I knew exactly what I was doing. No question, hands down, yes, I would work with him again.

Lorri L. Founder of High Vibe Soul Society

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