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The Camera Confidence Class

The Only Program for Increasing Your Camera Confidence, Shifting Your Marketing Strategy, and Taking Your Business to the Next Level.

The Camera Confidence Class is a one-of-a-kind 1-Day experience that shows you exactly how to discover your on-camera persona, the exact equipment you need, and how to build a video marketing strategy that WORKS!

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You Don't Need Thousands of Views to Create an Impact with Video Content!

The CCC is a Right Fit if Your Are...

A Digital Entrepreneur, Coach, Consultant, Small Business Owner, Business Professional or Online Course Creator looking to -

  • Make a BIGGER impact in the Online Space to create more opportunities for your business.
  • Expand your audience or teach your current and potential students on an even deeper level using video content.
  • Find more of the clients and opportunities that don't have you wanting to pull your hair out at night. It's time to say goodbye to burnout.
  • Have all the right eyes on you! You're tired of not being heard and feeling like you're not being chosen for the opportunities you deserve online!

"An Invaluable Video Content Resource! I am blown away at the quality of information and professional execution of XayLi Barclay's free video workshop. I cannot wait to dive into her planner. She is an invaluable resource of information for solopreneurs."

- Felecia Ward

"Sometimes I am ahead with my video content but I don't plan properly for marketing my videos. XayLi's steps were so clear that now I know exactly what to do and when to do it so I am always ahead when it comes to planning, filming, and marketing my videos."

- Alanna Anthony


What You Will Learn During Our Time Together:

On-Camera Foundation, Video Strategy & Planning

  • Part 1: Shifting Your Mindset For Video Content Creation & Developing Your On-Camera Persona
  • Part 2: Sharing Your Superpower on Camera & Crafting Your On-Camera Appearance
  • Part 3: Planning Your Next 90 Days of Content

Recording And Tech

  • Part 1: Using what you have in your hands (Phone or Camera)
  • Part 2: Creating Your Simple Signature Video Set
  • Part 3: Your Video Content Recording Workflow

Plus Countless Bonuses To Help You On Your Video Content Journey

Video guides and Checklists that I wish someone would have given to me when I just started making video content for my own business.

Access to the exact tools that I use to create stellar video content at each level of the video journey!

Software and tools for transcribing, editing, and so much more!

A Bonus Training on understanding exactly what you need to start, shoot and grow with video!

BONUS: Copy and Paste Customizable Video Scripts

Access to our Video Implementation Day!

"XayLi, you are so inspiring! I did it! I went live on FB today. On this special day, #IntentionalDayoftheGirl! Thank you for showing this originally very shy girl that THIS IS THE TIME to share your light, share your story. I am an author who thought I could get away with staying behind the computer, writing quietly. That's so untrue. I was able to reach new people and connect more fully with those that already know me. Thank you!" - Isabelle Hardesty

"A lot of people that follow me or when I go live, they, I tell them that they don't necessarily believe that either. Um, but I definitely am when I first started. Getting onto video. I was really. Not so secure about the person that's on the video. And so your course did help me to be a little bit more, like you said, confident on camera, even though I didn't necessarily feel like it, it helped me to at least look like it on camera.

Even the small things that I think that we don't think about, like smiling on. In my first videos, I was not smiling because I'm just naturally just smiling. Um, but those little things did help, you know, raising your computer, using what you have to get started. That really helped because I think a lot of times, and I like how transparent you are about just taking your time through and using what you have."

- Kenniqua Jones

But Above All Else..

The Camera Confidence Class will give you the confidence, skills, and strategies to generate consistent, scalable revenue in your online business without having to trade time for money or to be constantly selling/pushing your offers.

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